Tuesday, November 27, 2012

High Fashion aka Skinny Bitches

So, I had a photoshoot in Norco at this crazy burned out building covered in graffiti on Sunday.  It was a High Fashion/Concept shoot, and I had an idea in my head of how I wanted to look and what I wanted to convey in these images.  It's interesting, but ideas often end up taking on a life of their own when I model.  I was thinking sleek and clean, and it became 'Blade Runner' meets evening wear meets fugitive.  I like the results I think, but I didn't expect them. And so much is lost in translation, in that, I think this still looks edgy, but I didn't feel edgy that day. Or cool.  Or fashion-y. I felt hot and dirty and covered with hobo germs, and I wondered how these high fashion girls do it.  Stay so thin, model in these crazy positions at these crazy locations, make everything look so easy.  The more modeling I do, the more I respect the pro girls, the one's who get paid the big bucks.  As glamorous as their lives look, I think they must also be very difficult lives, lonely perhaps, and full of sacrifice.  And for everyone but the supermodels, their jobs are over at 23.  Every time I open a magazine, I try not to hate, but to appreciate...I try anyway.  Skinny bitches. :)  

Monday, November 26, 2012

Thankful Always!

This year has been crazy!

Lucasfilm bought by Disney?

Dark Knight trilogy ends while a new Hobbit trilogy begins?!

Hostess goes out of business???!!!!

I am thankful for all the fun I've had with multile cons, photo shoots, and film and TV projects. 2013 is going to be crazy!

Some of my favorite highlights include Stan Lee's Comikaze, shoots with Allen Freeman of Inland Empire Models & Photographers Group, working with GameFob Network, promoting my film THE RED HOUSE, doing the Tron 30th Annverary celebration for Beyond the Marquee, and so much more. Also loved working on Robot Combat League recently, and producing my own projects.

Stay healthy and positive.