Monday, July 9, 2012

Spiderman is Amazing!

I just saw the Amazing Spiderman! Mark Webb did an impressive job directing, giving the film an indie movie vibe. Andrew Garfield was convincing, but his Peter Parker is definitely geared towards a younger generation of emo, hipster, skater-types (and he cries a lot). It was really cool to see Peter construct his own web-slinging devices (similar to the comics). Although, to be more different, they could have had Spiderman shoot webs out of his ass, like real-life spiders do! LOL. Emma Stone was beautiful and spunky as Gwen Stacy, and their off-screen romance bled over to on-screen chemistry. The effects have improved over the years, and the Lizard, which I thought looked busted in the previews, actually looks good in the film. Spiderman moved better in this one, with free-running elements, and Spidey POV shots, but overall as a film, it doesn't feel as "finished" as Spiderman 1. This re-boot is half indie film, half action/adventure, and it works, but perhaps not as well as it could have. I still recommend you see it!